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    We have found that some who wish to contribute to Homebox are often lost on which issues to pick up and assist with. To aid with this, going forwards we will start doing posts detailing which issues carry a bounty, and good first issues to get started with.

    Contributing Guide

    First time contributing? Check out our guide here:

    Link Preview Image homebox/ at main · sysadminsmedia/homebox

    A continuation of HomeBox the inventory and organization system built for the Home User - homebox/ at main · sysadminsmedia/homebox


    GitHub (

    Earn a bounty!

    Fancy earning some money for your contributions? The following issues have outstanding bounties attached! - Add OIDC Support. - Ability for admin to 'share' locations/specific items with lower tier users - Ability to Move all Child Items when the Location of the Parent Item is Changed Good first issues

    Looking to get started with helping Homebox development? The following issues have been classified as suitable for new contributors! - URL in export inventory (CSV) - Track “Purchase method” for each item (WIP PR open if anyone wishes to collab) - Saved searches - Custom sorting on item lists - Parent/Child "Nested" Tag Relationships - Ability to duplicate an item - Rectify duplicated items on item imports - Add Home Assistant Addon - Addition of i18n