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    After the recent archiving of the Homebox GitHub repository we've decided that we would like to continue maintaining it long term, with the support and feedback of the community.

    Who Are We?

    We're two SysAdmins (both with Cyber Sec backgrounds) working for both small and very large companies, and we're huge open source fans. Prior to this we were maintainers, testers, and even a board member on a large open source forum software project. While we left that project for personal reasons, we learned a lot, and we know how to build in the open source world. And we both really like HomeBox and the community around it.

    What's the Plan?

    Our plan right now is really simple, we're going through the existing backlog of issues in the original repo, adding the most critical or ones of immediate value to our fork, and then we'll start tackling the challenges of fixing or implementing them. Additionally, we're going through the dependencies and making sure they're updated and secure. For the first bit progress will likely be a little slow as we learn the codebase and figure out how everything works, but it will get faster. We do have full time jobs, but we also have lunch breaks, nights and weekends.

    We're hoping to build with the community, including PRs, Issues, community discussions, etc. and we really do believe that a community is what makes an open source project successful. And we'll always do our best to work with the community.

    If you have suggestions, bugs, or other things that you think are important that aren't currently listed on our forks' issue page, please submit them and we'll review to get it fixed or implemented.

    Or, if you don't think your idea is quite ready for an actual issue yet, please contribute to the community in the discussions and chat with other users to work out details.

    And finally, we hope to have our docker image up and available in the next few days, please give us some time to get the publishing processes working, documentation site up, etc.

    We understand that not everyone is going to want to jump on board with us right away, and that's fine. We hope though that you'll at least follow the progress and switch when your ready. We'll do our best to make sure that the switch is as seamless as possible.

    Any Profit Plans?
    We do not currently have any plans to turn this into a profit making mechanism or anything of that nature. We may in the future come up with something to help support the project (maybe hosting services or something?) but we won't hide important features behind paywalls or anything like that.

    We can, and will make one simple promise to the community, we'll always keep the source open, free, and runnable on your own servers. We'll always consider the community over profits, and the code will always be under the currently permissive GPL license, or similar (such as AGPL).