#mastoadmin I am rehoming my server this weekend due to the major increase in load. Looks like between linode and digital ocean. I’m paying out of my pocket, so looking for best value. Any recommendations one way or the other?

@jerry What sort of instance/storage? I’m considering setting up one of my own, but in AWS.

@TunnelJanitor likely a 4 or 8 core, 16gb ram, 250gb nvme + about 1TB of object storage


@jerry @TunnelJanitor I highly recommend Backblaze for object storage, you can stuck Nginx in front as a proxy (or Cloudflare) and the prices are dirt cheap despite really good speeds and solid reliability.

$5/TB and free outbound data if you're using a bandwidth alliance partner (DigitalOcean, Cloudflare, etc.)

@TunnelJanitor @jerry I host it myself using Mailcow, but I for sure wouldn't recommend for everyone (I've spent a long time getting everything set up right to not end up in spam), at work we use SendGrid for all our external emails that need to be from no-reply or whatever.

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